Cancer Myths & Information

Some myths
1. Cancer is always lethal – False
2. Cancer is never cured – False
3. 80% of cancers are curable in early stage – True
4. Cancer is contagious (can spread by contact) – False
5. Cancer prophylaxis vaccine is available – False

Some beliefs
1. Cancer is hereditary – Sometimes
2. Cancer can be transmitted from mother to the new born – False
3. Cancer occurrence is never due to tobacco use – False
4. Cancer is a zoo-notic problem (animal to human) – False
5. Cancer is always a death sentence – False

Some Facts
1. Know Cancer and let others know Cancer.
2. Cancer Awareness can help prevent Cancer.
3. Reschedule your life style to prevent Cancer.
4. Early diagnosis and treatment cures Cancer.
5. Abandon Tobacco-prevent Cancer.

Some Information
1. Cancer does not spare any age, sex, caste, creed, colour and nationality.
2. Cancer may occur locally or may be generalized.
3. Cancer may also behave non-invasive.
4. Cancer is normally invasive.
5. Cancer is neither infectious nor contagious.

Some Questions
Q1. Is Cancer a single disease?
Ans. No it is a syndrome.

Q2. How can one say he or she has Cancer?
Ans. By self examination followed by confirmatory test through experts.

Q3. Is Cancer a modern disease?
Ans. No, case incidences were reported 3000 BC

Q4. Are some people more prone to develop Cancer?
Ans. Yes life style exposure can develop Cancer.

Q5. Is Cancer like AIDS be transmitted through sexual?
Ans. No, it is unlike AIDS in this regard.

Q6. Is ignorance about Cancer lethal for individuals?
Ans. Yes, certainly to a great extent.

Q7. Is pain an early symptom of Cancer?
Ans. No, only in few cases

Q8. Is bleeding always a sign of Cancer?
Ans. No, sometimes only.

Q9. Is there any vaccine for Cancer?
Ans. No.

Q10. Is Cancer in men & women different?
Ans. No, excepting that of sex organs.

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