Comprehensive Chart

Area Ratio
Male : Female
Age Contributing Factor Symptoms
Presenting Features
BRAIN 3 : 2 Children, Young, Adult Radiation, Immuno-suppression (specially after organ
transplant), AIDS
Morning headache, Convulsions, Personality changes,
Psychosis, Nausea, Vomiting, Sleepiness
ORAL CAVITY, LIP, THROAT more in males Over 40 Tobacco chewing, smoking, gutka & pan masala chewing,
ill-fitting dentures, alcohol
Hoarse Voice, Visible ulcers, Difficulty in swallowing,
Opening of mount, Red/White patches inside the mouth
GULLET more in males Over 40 Smoking, alcohol, hot drinks Difficulty and pain while swallowing, Cough while
BREAST 1 : 90 35 – 50 & onwards Previous benign, tumor of the breast, delayed first
conception, childless woman, avoidance of breast feeding, family history,
radiation, alcoholism
Pain in the breast (with or without lump), inversion of
nipple, swelling of the same arm, redness of breast, eczema of nipple
LUNG 4 : 1 55 – 65 Smoking, pollution, exposure to asbestos and some metallic
products (factory workers)
Cough and breathlessness, chest pain, blood in sputum, pain
in shoulder or arm.
SKIN more in males Young & Middle aged people Exposure to sun (specially fair-skinned people), contact
with coal tar ointments and in people who work with tar, dyes aniline
Dar patch, sometimes black, only over exposed areas of body
with burning and irritation.
STOMACH 2 : 1 55 & above Salting, pickling, nitrosamines, H. pylori Pain in the upper abdomen, vomiting, blood in vomit.
LIVER 4 : 1 50 – 60 Patients of cirrhosis, alcoholism, viral hepatitis, any
chronic liver disease, prolonged exposure to radiation
Enlarged lever, pain and tenderness over right upper
abdomen, occasionally jaundice.
GALL BLADDER 1 : 4 70 Stones of Gall bladder already present Continuous pain in right upper abdomen, a firm mass felt in
this area, jaundice
3 : 1 30 – 40 & under 10 None Painless enlargement of lymph glands, recurring fever,
enlarged spleen, night sweating
3 : 2 2 – 4 Radiation during pregnancy of mother, in patients with birth
Anemia, fever, pains in joint, enlarged spleen
and liver, bleeding from any source
(ACUTE LEUKEMIA) …. 50 & over Radiation, smoking, chemical treatment for other
(CHRONIC LEUKEMIA) 2 : 1 50 & over Family history, radiation, smoking Anemia, fever, enlarged spleen & liver, distention of
2 : 1 under 20 smoking, taking drugs with phenacetin, people with
polycystic kidneys
Blood in the urine, pain in the abdomen, lump
felt at the side of the abdomen.
(WILM’S TUMOUR) …. under 7 ….
OVARY females only Middle age Childless woman, breast cancer Pain in the abdomen, lump in the abdomen, irregular periods.
UTERUS females only 50 & over Childless or unmarried woman, obesity, hypertension,
Bleeding after menopause, discharge from vagina
CERVIX females only Young & Middle aged woman Starting sex in early in life, polygamy, several children,
smoking, poor genital hygiene, Human papilloma virus (HPV) & Herpes simplex
Bleeding after intercourse, bleeding in between periods,
pain in the lower abdomen, discharge from vagina, backache, increased
frequency of urine
URINARY BLADDER 3 : 1 over 40 Smoking exposures to aniline dyes, industrial workers
(rubber, leather) exposure to pesticides, anti-cancer drugs and
Schistosomiasis (a parasite)
Blood in the urine, discomfort while passing urine,
increased frequency of urine
PROSTATE males only 60 & over Radiation Pain in the bones (fro spread), usually detected at routine
medical check-up
BONE 2 : 1 20 – 25 Injury Hot / Bony Swelling
In all cancers there is usually loss of
appetite, weakness, loss of weight, sometimes anemia, breathlessness and
acute pain, The above presenting features are apart from all these symptoms

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