Primary Prevention – Tobacco

Do You Know?

While smoking tobacco you inhale up to 4000 chemicals including these poisons causing Fatal Diseases like Cancer, Heart Attack etc.

Smoke Tobacco to get killed…..

Choice is yours.

Nicotine Carcinogen (TOBACCO)
Cadmium Carcinogen (Car Batteries)
Napthylamine Carcinogen
Pyrene Carcinogen
Benzopyrene Carcinogen
Toluidine Carcinogen
Urethane Carcinogen
Vinyl Chloride Carcinogen
Polonium-210 Carcinogen
Dibenzacridine Carcinogen
Carbon Monoxide Poisonous gas in Car Exhaust
Hydrogen Cyanide Poison used in gas Chambers
Phenol Disinfectant
Arsenic White Ant Poison
DDT Insecticide
Butane Lighter Fuel
Methanol Rocket Fuel
Acetone Paint Stripper
Ammonia Floor Cleaner
Toluene Industrial Solvent
Napthalene Dimethylnitrosamine Moth Balls

Source: The Times of India – Friday September 12, 2003

No ifs no buts….smoking kills. Figures available with the World Health Organisation (WHO) prove that smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death worldwide. The facts are strikingly shocking. Of everyone alive today 5,00,000,000 will eventually be killed by tobacco-use. Smoking is responsible for 90 percent of all forms of lung cancer, and 75 percent of cases involving chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals, 60 of which-including arsenic, used in ant poison; methanol, found in rocket fuel; and DDT, an insecticide-are either known or suspected to be carcinogens. The cigarette lodged between your fingertips is the stick of death. It’s time to wakeup to reality today. Tomorrow could be too late.

“On a global scale, smoking kill 560 people every hour 13,400 people per day, and 4.9 million people per year” – World Health Organistion

The world over, cigarettes have increasingly become the focus of public and media attention, specially in the US where there has been a spate of cases by individual smokers seeking billion-dollar damages. So much so, writers such as John Grisham have penned betsellers (Run-away Jury) on this theme and Hollywood has made movies-The Insider is a case in point-on the topic. Smoking might be an outdated habit in today’s time, but a World Bank study reveals that India, Indonesia and China are the only countries where the last decade has witnessed an increase in cigarette consumption.

The alarm bells are ringing. “Tobacco is a carcinogenic substance and the prime cause of heart disease, stroke and chronic lung disease. It also leaves the body susceptible to tuberculosis. Around 2,00,000 smokers in India succumb to TB each year,” point out Sanjiv Malik, secretary of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

“Smoking kills. Every cigarette takes away five minutes of your life, which is roughly the time taken to smoke it,” reiterates Samir Kaul, senior consultant, oncology department, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. No, this is not the voice of anti-tobacco lobbyists speaking, but cold facts. Consider this: one in 10 persons addicted to the engineered drug-delivery device of nicotine, a substance claimed to be more addictive than heroin, falls victim to smoking. By 2030, if not sooner, this ratio will be 1:6. Smoking kills 560 people every hour, 13,400 people per day, and 4.9 million people per year, according to the Who.

In India, the Supreme Court has banned smoking in public places and public transport. But have anti-smoking directives achieved any measure of success? Apparently not. Each day 2,500 persons across India die of smoking-related diseases….. this translates into a death every 40 seconds. But even this number will be dwarfed in the future if India continues to smoke as much as it does. Fifty per cent of India’s population is under-25-the next growth market for tobacco giants losing business in developed countries. Figures reveal that 5,500 Indian children start smoking each day, joining the 4 million under-15 children who already use tobacco regularly.

“Other than massive health complications, India incurs an annual cost of Rs 277.6 billion because of tobacco-use,” says Kishore Chaudhary, deputy director general, Indian Council for Medical Research.

“Every cigarette takes away 5 minutes of life, which is roughly the time taken to smoke it”
– Samir Kaul, senior consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Drastic situations call for drastic measures. “The government is doing as much as it can,” says Delhi health minister A. K. Walia,”We have banned smoking in public places and public transport.” But ground reality paints a different picture people should realise that smoking is injurious to health,” adds Walia,”But, at the end of the day, it is a matter of choice. ” It’s a choice between life and death. For. cigarettes are a legally available consumer product which kill. The choice is yours

Top 10 Preventable Causes of Death:

  • Heart disease (primarily caused by smoking)
  • Cancer (primarily caused by smoking)
  • Stroke (primarily caused by smoking)
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases (primarily caused by smoking)
  • Sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Accidents
  • Diabetes
  • Suicide
  • Kidney diseases (possibly induced by smoking)
  • Liver diseases (possibly induced by smoking)

Smoking is the single-largest preventable cause of death worldwide (Based on WHO report For the western Pacific region).

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