Secondary Prevention

Teaching the masses about early signs & symptoms.

Negligence may cost your life so act fast and consult an Expert if the symptoms persists beyond 15 days.

Cancer of Brain:- Partial paralysis / numbness of any part of the body with head ache / fits / transitory blindness etc.
Cancer of Eye:- Conjunctivitis, Hemorrhage & protruding eye.
Cancer of Mouth:- Partial opening of mouth, white / red patches within Oral Cavity / Ulcers.
Cancer of Larynx:- Hoarseness of voice. Oesophagus: – Difficulty / pain in swallowing.
Cancer of Lungs:- Unexplained cough, presence of Blood in Sputum.
Cancer of Breast:- any swelling or lump in breast. (Breast Self Examination needed).
Cancer of Abdominal Region:- Loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, persisting unexplained pain.
Cancer of Intestine:- Changing bowel habits, bouts of loose motion and constipation.
Cancer of Cervix:- Irregular Menses or bleeding after menopause.
Cancer of Local:- Swelling, lump, tumor, ulcer, sore, wound, change in size / color / weeping wart or mole.
Cancer of Blood:- Pale appearance frequent fatigue, breathlessness, low fever.

Early detection is possible through self-examination followed by Clinical Examination by the expert.

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