E-Campaign Against Cancer

Success of our mission depends on the Volunteers.  YOU can strengthen the “Fight Against Cancer”  in whatever capacity you may think is possible for you:

  1. Join  our E-Campaign as an E-Volunteer which entitles you to participate in the events organised by us. It will also ensure you are kept up-to-date with our activities and publications.
  2. Spread the word…. Inform your family, friends, colleagues, social circles about Cancer Aid Society so as to help us achieve the Goal by increasing the Network in the Fight against Cancer.
  3. Organise National / International Events under our Banner and get recognition from us.
  4. Organise Workshops, Conferences and other Events to fight Tobacco, Cancer or on Palliative Care.

Joining is Free

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Donate Online

Cancer Aid Society relies on voluntary donations from people like you, in absence of funding from Government or other Agencies.

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