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Cancer Aid Society is a Non Profit, National Level, Social Secular ISO 9001: 2015  N.G.O.  having  Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of  United Nations Organisation since 2012. 

We are registered under , Societies Registration Act in 1987, Income Tax U/s 80 G, FCRA and working for the control of Cancer in tune with the guidelines of the “National Cancer Control Programmes”, 1995 & 2002 of the World Health Organization and “National Cancer Control Programme”, 1985 & 2005 of the Govt. of India without any financial assistance from the Government or Non Government Bodies. This NGO has National Network of Offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and establishing a Day Care Center for Cancer Patients at Lucknow – the first one in the most populous State – Uttar Pradesh.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, taking a heavy toll of human lives and destroying the families of the cancer patients due to mental agony and heavy costs of treatment. 2/3 patients are detected in the advanced stages when treatment is ineffective; hence an overall National waste. Early detection can save precious lives and finances.

Cancer Aid Society has launched the ISO Certified Nationwide Cancer Control Programme which involves a variety of activities carried throughout the country to combat cancer which causes 12% of all deaths.

For developing leadership on the various issues we have Instituted Three Awards of Rs.One Lac INR each: Annual Award on Palliative Care, Biannual Award on Tobacco Control alternating with  Biannual Award on NCD and Cancer Control.

Working on the philosophy of “Our Goal Quality in Cancer Control, Your Health Our Concern, Each One Teach Thirty” this Society stands committed for improving the overall Health of the countrymen in general and control of Life Style Diseases including Cancer to be specific. Our multifarious activities on Primary and Secondary Prevention may be broadly classified under the following headings:

Advocacy: We highlight the various health related issues including Cancer. The issue of Cancer Control is complex and only tip of the iceberg is visualized by the common man, intellectuals, administrators, bureaucrats as well as policy makers alike, making the task much more difficult at every step; hence advocacy plays and important role at every step. In the absence of resources on Cancer Control there is lack of NGOs and Volunteers to fight Cancer.

Non Communicable Diseases Prevention: We prevent the Non Communicable Diseases  (life style diseases) which kill almost 60% of humanity such as Cancer, Cardio Vascular Diseases, Pulmonary Diseases, Diabetics etc. which are currently on the rise in our Country and across the Globe by preaching Healthy Lifestyle thereby reducing the health care burden and the incidence of NCDs.

Tobacco Control: Tobacco is the only consumer product which kills it’s user by causing – Cardio-Vascular Diseases, Cancer and Respiratory Diseases placed at rank I, II & III respectively in terms of deaths. We organize awareness campaigns for the Control of Tobacco, Khaini, Gutkha and Pan Masala including Active & Passive Smoking leading to improvement in the overall health of the countrymen.

Early Detection of Cancer: In India 80% of Patients reach the Doctors in advanced stages of Cancer causing loss of precious lives as no cure is possible; Expensive treatment in terminal stages exhausts the resources of the Family and the Nation which lacks Treatment Infrastructure badly. By awareness on early symptoms of Cancer, we save lives and finances through Early Detection and Treatment, when it is cheap and effective.

Palliative Care: Is Care beyond Cure or Caring for the uncared i.e. “Terminally ill Cancer Patients”. We organize Workshops in Hospitals & Medical Colleges for sensitizing the Doctors, Govt. Officials and stake holders for addressing Palliative Care to the Cancer Patients, establishment of pain clinics and making cheapest Oral Morphine available to the patients. We give Financial Assistance towards Palliative Care of the Cancer Patients of the economically weaker sections of the Society irrespective of Caste, Creed, Region, and Religion etc. We organized 18th International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care which was attended by Global and Indian Experts and prepared the first ever Palliative Care Declaration.

Research, Training and Innovations: Based on the feedback of the stakeholders we strive for improving our methodology. Regular trainings are conducted by us for the Social Workers, MSW, MBA and other students.

Integrating the above components we organize Sponsored Cancer Awareness Program seeing its adaptability in the local scenario, it is our key thrust area and main activity for the control of cancer and resource mobilization. This involves lecture on cancer awareness, tobacco abuse, passive smoking, good diet, healthy living habits to the students who serve as dedicated army in fight against Cancer and Tobacco.

You shall be pleased to learn that UICC (www.uicc.org) the International Apex Body on Cancer Control has later advocated in 2007 the above activities under World Cancer Campaign (www.worldcancercampaign.org); which we had pioneered in 1987 having a vision two Decades older to that of World leader. This has later been substantiated by World Health Organisation and United Nations General Assembly in the High Level Meeting for the Control of the Non Communicable Diseases where we had represented the Country on 19th and 20th of September 2011.

Little contribution by one and all is vital for Cancer Control, may it be in any form. Voluntarily donations are our only source of funding; in absence of assistance from Government/ others. In spite of all hurdles we have the credit of being the only National Organization fighting against cancer. Our tasks are enormous and mammoth but the resources are meagre.

We need generous donations, blessings, guidance and everlasting cooperation so as to strengthen our hands in fight against the Cancer which attacks mankind like a terrorist.

Please see the documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRyLphR0Vt8

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Cancer Aid Society relies on voluntary donations from people like you, in absence of funding from Government or other Agencies.

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